zambia zebra safari

Zambia Safaris

Too many tourists, Zambia is common known for the greatness of the Victoria Falls and a tour in Zambia is so improved. Eased with lasting rivers that show a lure for animals, this country is home to an interesting network of national parks, and these are less visited than those in Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania and some are much wilder Even though traditional wildlife tours that have got nice guiding are the backbone of safari vacations with in Zambia, there is also an option of high class ...

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african safari cheetah

African Safari

Why you need to choose Africa as your safari destination It’s known and noted that, there are over 30 million tourists visiting Africa each and every year. Half of the international arrivals are for business purposes and also enjoy some tourist activities during their stays. 5% of the travels is purely tourism and the 30% visit family and friends. Many tourists have chosen Africa due to its wildlife as well as the sunny skies. This continent is known to be the world’s number one destin...

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rwanda gorillas

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda walk with the mountain gorillas  The main attraction that brings visitors to Rwanda are the mountain gorillas. This is the main reason why people have continually flocked this land locked country with a fatal past of the genocide but with a brighter future. This country has remained on a mend and one of the cleanest country I have ever visited in many years. Here is no rubbish anywhere and the whole city is so clean. The most interesting thing about Rwanda is that it has got a ...

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